In the north of Alsace, at the foot of the Vosges, between vineyards and forests, discover an authentic Alsatian city and its exceptional heritage!

Formerly a border town, today a border, this is how the history of Wissembourg can be read.

The Abbey of St. Pierre-et-Paul, the second Gothic building in Alsace, a cultural hotspot in the Middle Ages, is famous for the huge fresco of St. Christophe, the stained glass windows from the 12th century, the Benedictine chapel and the magnificent Baroque organ from the 18th century century.

The Maison du Sel (1448), the Maison de l'Ami Fritz (1550), the town hall from the 18th century, the Stanislas Palace, formerly the residence of the Polish King Stanislas Leszczinsky and father-in-law Louis XV, as well as many half-timbered houses are evidence of one rich past.

To discover traditional Alsatian costumes, don't miss the Alsatian folklore, the equestrian tradition founded by King Stanislas and try local specialties such as Dampfnuedle!

Wissembourg invites you to stroll and relax. A tour of the fortifications allows you to discover the city's gardens, houses with flowers and the freshness of centuries-old foliage.